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        Valve casting
        Valve casting (low temperature -20 ℃)
        Engineering machinery
        Air Compressor
        Other Parts
        • China office:
        • Company: Zhangzhou Haili Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        • Address: Nanban, Wuan town, Changtai, zhangzhou city
        • P.C.: 363900
        • Tel: +86-596-8323220
        • Fax: +86-596-8328220
        • E-mail: sales@cn-haili.com
        • Business contacts: Mr Zheng
        • Mob: 159 6064 4575
        Enterprise Honor
        On August 4, 2022, won the third prize of the 2022 Zhangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
        Won the title of “Little Giant” Enterprise with Specialized, Specialized and New Products
        Participated in the Emerson shut-off valve product conference held in Chengdu
        AVK Excellent Supplier in 2023
        Top taxpayers in 2022
        On December 13, 2022, won the title of Fujian Provinces leading industrial cultivation enterprise
        On September 28, 2022, won the title of Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Fujian Province
        Haili and Shipbuilding establish an intelligent manufacturing practice teaching base
        On August 9, 2022, it won the Excellent Enterprise
        The fifth batch of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the database in 2022
        On November 3, 2021, obtained Intellectual Property Management System Certification
        The third batch of national-level specialized, new and small giant enterprises
        Listed in Fujian Province Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise
        4 party organization
        2021 large taxpayer
        2021 Level of quality suppliers
        General Manager Zhang Changhai was awarded the honorary president of the 6th Tai County Wuan Town Chamber of Commerce
        Haili information cloud system
        2019 Level of quality suppliers
        Listed as a specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise in Fujian Province
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