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        Valve casting
        Valve casting (low temperature -20 ℃)
        Engineering machinery
        Air Compressor
        Other Parts
        • China office:
        • Company: Zhangzhou Haili Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        • Address: Nanban, Wuan town, Changtai, zhangzhou city
        • P.C.: 363900
        • Tel: +86-596-8323220
        • Fax: +86-596-8328220
        • E-mail: sales@cn-haili.com
        • Business contacts: Mr Zheng
        • Mob: 159 6064 4575
        Enterprise Culture

        Haili's vision: focus on the international market, to be a famous international brand and a machinery parts suppliers.

        Haili's mission: to focus on machinery parts manufacturing and technology improvement, seeks happiness for staffs, win honor for our ‘made in China’.

        Haili's core values: integrity, pragmatic, dedication, innovation.

        Haili's quality policy: prevention first, do it right at one time, improving continuously, starting from me.
        Personnel Mien: 

        Shandong Penglai Pavilion trip in 2023

        Quanzhou Defossil Niushan Tour in 2023

        2018.10.1 YunNan Team Building

        2018.10.1 HaiNan Team Building

        2015.10.1 LuShan Team Building

        2018.10.1 SanMing Team Building

        2015.10.1 HengDian Team Building

        2015.10.1 ShanTou Team Building

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